Dry-Erase Coating Goes On Blue – Dries Clear  – Genius.

It’s remarkably easy to be creative with the Genius® Dry-Erase Coating. Ideally suited for any work surface and any color because there’s no mixing to slow you down. It covers completely. And you can store what you don’t use for up to six months. It’s easy to clean too. Just pick up an eraser and wipe. Then let your brilliance start all over again.

Erase Boards are So Confining – Draw Outside the Box.

Instead of limiting your next great idea to within the borders of a whiteboard, stretch it around the room, across the table, or onto a door. Genius Coating works on all smooth materials, painted dry wall, plaster, metal and wood. Use it in meeting rooms, school rooms, lunch rooms, on filing cabinets and panels.

No Mix – No Waste – Go Green.

Because there’s no mixing, Genius Dry Erase Coating is ready to go when you are. There’s also no need to bring in extra help to work around doors and trim like other coatings. Drying time has been perfected to allow one person to cover an entire surface.  You save by cutting labor costs.  Save even more because you can cover what’s left over for up to six months.  No waste saves money too.  And low VOC Genius Coatings are certified Green.

Order Now – It’s All Professional Grade and Clear.

  1. Measure the surface area to be covered in square feet.
    • 25 Sq.Ft. – 1/2 Pint
    • 50 Sq.Ft. – 1 Pint
    • 100 Sq. Ft. – 1 Quart
    • 200 Sq.Ft. – 1/2 Gallon
    • 400 Sq.Ft. – 1 Gallon
  2. Roller and Trays Available
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